After breaking fan cell phone, McGregor pays bail and leaves limousine chain

Conor McGregor continues giving what to speak not only in, but mainly outside the octagon. Last night on Monday night in Miami Beach, Florida, one of the UFC’s top names was arrested, accused of stealing a fan’s cell phone after breaking it off a nightclub. Hours later, however, the fighter left the jail on bail and limousine.

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  • After being arrested in the USA, McGregor pays bail and is released; 

  • MMA fighter Conor McGregor is arrested in Florida for breaking fan phone

  • Conor arrested arrested for breaking and stealing fan cell phone

According to the Miami Herald, McGregor was annoyed to see a fan taking photos of him around 5:00 am in a nightclub. Immediately, the fighter grabbed the cell phone and stepped several times to break the device. The incident was spotted by local surveillance cameras, added to the Florida State Police report.

The exit from the chain, incidentally, was the way McGregor likes: with much fanfare. After paying bail for $ 12,500, the UFC star left the limousine spot wearing a custom shirt, which featured a newspaper cover permeated by a statement of its own: “When I say one thing will happen, it will happen! McGregor is back.”

Hours after leaving detention, Conor posted a message on social networks praising his patience and declaring himself to all his fans. “Patience in this world is a virtue, I keep working, I love my dear fans, thank you all,” he wrote in his official Instagram account.

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