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In order to reduce the cost of his monthly expenses, a self-entrepreneur (now named micro-entrepreneur) can claim credit consolidation. For that, a reliable expertise is necessary to treat the feasibility of his file.

When a self-entrepreneur launches his activity, the management of his expenses takes an important place: calculation of the daily expenses, displacements, contributions and sometimes loans contracted for the launching or the equipment of his company (goods, advertisements, premises) or for his personal life ( purchase of real estate, advance cash, consumer credit ).

By grouping the various credits, the auto-entrepreneur reduces his financial expenses. It lengthens the repayment period, the monthly payments are reduced, and the balance of its budget suffers.

This solution is proposed to the auto-entrepreneur to facilitate its budget management. In order to qualify, the entrepreneur will have to provide specific documents in view of his professional situation for the processing of his file.

The repurchase of credits to the auto-companies

The repurchase of credits to the auto-companies

Whatever the employment situation, two offers are available:

  • the purchase of real estate loans;
  • the purchase of consumer loans.

Loans concerned by the redemption of credits can be subscribed in a private and/or professional capacity. The required documents are the last 3 IHR returns (monthly or quarterly depending on the reporting method), as well as the expense and income documents. This helps to assess the financial strength of the business.

Purchase of credits for the auto-entrepreneur: online simulation

Purchase of credits for the auto-entrepreneur: online simulation

In order to benefit from a free study as part of a loan consolidation project, a simulation form is made available to the auto-entrepreneur.
Whether the borrower is an employee or a company manager, simply complete the information and validate. This approach is free and without commitment.

A first estimate is sent quickly. For an in-depth study, the mandatory documents will be requested to validate the feasibility of the project.

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