Last week the international meetings of chemistry (EXPOQUIMIA), plastic and rubber (EQUIPLAST) and surface treatment (EUROSURFAS) were held in Barcelona, ​​being, together, one of the most important meetings of the Chemical Sector at scale world

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The event has gathered in the Fira de Barcelona Gran Via venue the commercial, technical and scientific offer of three fundamental industries for the development of the Spanish economy. This edition has marked the beginning of a new stage whose main objective is to broaden its international horizon over the next ten years to become the future World Chemical Summit, a world-renowned fair event in which science and industry meet.

As a demonstration of the eminently innovative nature of a sector that, according to the main prospective and international consulting institutes, is the manufacturing sector with the highest growth globally until 2030 with an annual growth of 4.5%, the winners of the fourth stand out edition of the Expoquimia I + D + i Awards in its categories of Biotechnology and Chemistry , respectively: A new drug for the treatment of cognitive deficits associated with schizophrenia and an innovative antimicrobial biomaterial to prevent infections of dental implants (see more in: # )

With a turnover of close to 56,000 million euros, the Spanish chemical industry currently generates 11% of the Gross Industrial Product, 50,000 indirect and induced direct jobs and is the second largest export sector of the Spanish economy with sales exceeding 30,000 million euros in international markets to which more than 55% of production is already destined.
Regarding the future trend, the chemical industry frames a large part of its projects in the concept called ” Circular Economy “, an economic model based on the eco-efficient design of products to facilitate the separation of components and their subsequent reuse, in order to generate the smallest volume of waste possible.

Support for R & D + i

A sector that carries R + D + i in its DNA counts, as it could not be otherwise, with ample possibilities for the development of projects with the support of national and international agencies and agencies that finance R & D & I , which includes the start-up of large collaboration projects . At the European level, the Horizon 2020 and Eurostars programs stand out , as well as the aid lines offered by CDTI , including the international multilateral programs Eureka and Iberoeka

Brexit How can it affect Spain?

Image result for brexitThe Brexit , the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union , will undoubtedly be the economic event that will mark the next few months the European economy. Overcome the first impact is a long negotiation and while this occurs we will see the effects on the economy.

These effects will be seen beyond the large economic magnitudes, also directly (or indirectly) citizens will see their effects in their different role of investor, employer or worker. We explain in a simple way how this step that the United Kingdom has taken can affect you.

The four effects of Brexit


  1. About your investments : Especially if you do it in investment funds that invest in the United Kingdom, but also to the European stock market because of the negative effect on companies with investments in this country. Investment in banking is particularly relevant (Banco Santander has 30% of its profits in this country) but also in other sectors such as infrastructure or telecommunications. If the pound is devalued and then goes into recession, much less would be gained by the change in euros, which will affect the value of the companies, which in the case of Spanish companies have 48,000 million in assets in the United Kingdom. A good alternative is to protect part of your money in safe products such as savings insurance .


  1. Less sales: The United Kingdom is the fourth destination of Spanish exports, we sold for a value of 18,231 million and we bought for 12,584 million. Even if a privileged commercial status is sought, these figures will decrease. Sectors such as horticulture will be among the most affected and this may also affect not only employment but also benefits.


  1. Tourism risk: The most direct and one of the most dangerous. If one of each foreign tourists is British, losing part of that tourism would be catastrophic. You should look for facilities similar to the current ones for the flow to continue, but it is clear that the depreciation of the pound and the economic problems will lead to less tourists coming and spending less. Being such an important sector for GDP and employment, it is one of the most important risks that must be monitored.


  1. We will pay more to the community budget: This effect will be noticed indirectly, since with equal income, money will have to be removed from other expenditure items. And it is that, in spite of the crisis, of our fall of the GDP … if a “richer” country of the EU is gone, the result is that we rise in the ranking of countries that contribute for others (especially of the East) that are recipients currently the main recipients of funds.


It is foreseen that by the end of June the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment will launch the new call for research projects applied to innovation in the sectors of beef, pigs, sheep, goats, poultry and cuniculture or fur animals.

Image result for livestock spainAs in the last 2014 call, the aid is aimed at groups of producers in order to optimize production costs, genetic improvements, increase the added value of production.

Cooperatives, agrarian transformation societies and organizations of recognized producers that have dimensions exceeding certain thresholds that will be specified in the call will be eligible for this aid.

The following will be eligible expenses:

  • Personal expenses,
  • Instrument and material expenses
  • Contractual investigation expenses
  • Other general expenses derived from the project.


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